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Success Stories

Lance Smith, Wyoming

A letter from Lance Smith to our Outdoor Adventures Foundation.


Just wanted to take a minute and tell you personally how much we appreciate your efforts as well as The Outdoor Adventure Foundations efforts in making people with disabilities dreams come true. We have been communicating with the foundation for a little more than two years and it looks like Lance's dream will come to fruition. Our family loves the outdoors; fishing, hunting, riding atv's, and camping and Lance is no exception. Having been born with Spina-Bifida has limited him some, but he feels and believes that he can do almost anything. He has drawn a couple of youth mule deer hunts here in Idaho, and with the help of atv's has shot a couple of nice bucks. We have been fortunate to draw a couple of youth antelpe tags in Wyoming as well where Lance has shot a couple of decent Antelope bucks. This year he has taken up archery hunting. We have a friend in Pocatello that has been gratious enough to allow Lance to put up a blind on his property to see if he can arrow a mule deer. He has been out multiple times, but all he has had opportunities to shoot are does and he would really like to shoot a buck. Lance has spent a great dela of time at Primary's Children Hospital in Salt Lake City where he has had a number of surgeries and procedures. When the time came for him to do his senior project, he wanted to do something to show his appreciation to Primary's Childrens hospital and their medical staff. He made all of the arrangements for a 5k run in association with our local Junior College and called it Lance Smith's run for Spina-Bifida. The race was a huge success with all of the proceeds going to the Spina-Bifida association located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The associtaion honored Lance with a banquet where he presented them with a check for thousands of dollars. Lance is also an Eagle Scout where his toughest merit badge was swimming because he can't kick his feet and can only swim with his arms. Lance also completed a two year mission for his church where he matured a great deal and made great strides in becoming self reliant. Lance and I can't tell you enough about how excited we are about the up coming hunt and how much we appreciate your generocity as well as the foundations. We look forward to meeting you in person the end of October.

Best regards,

Scott & Lance Smith

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